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Measuring patient-relevant benefits in psoriasis with the Patient Benefit Index: Development and preliminary validation of a 10-item short form

Blome C, von Stülpnagel C, Augustin M, Mrowietz U, Reich K, Muehlan H, Kirsten N, Langenbruch A, Sorbe C, Klein TM

Publication year:2022
Journal:Br J Dermatol 187(4):588-589

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Seafarers Working on Ocean-Going Vessels during the COVID-19 era

Baygi  F, Blome C, Smith A, Khonsari NM, Agoushi A, Maghoul A, Esmaeili-Abdar M, Gorabi AM, Qorbani M

Publication year:2022
Journal:BMC Public Health 22:242

Real-World Experience of Patient-Relevant Benefits and Treatment Satisfaction with Apremilast in Patients with Psoriasis: An Analysis of the APPRECIATE Study.

Klein TM, Blome C, Kleyn CE, Conrad C, Sator PG, Ståhle M, Eyerich K, Radtke MA, Bundy C, Cordey M, Griffiths CEM, Augustin M

Publication year:2022
Journal:Dermatol Ther 12(1):81-95

How important is subjective well-being for patients? A qualitative interview study of people with psoriasis

Newi AL, Tsianakasb A, von Martialb S, Sommer R, Blome C

Publication year:2022
Journal:Qual Life Res 31(12):3355-63

Content validity of five single-item instruments in adolescents with alopecia areata

Klein TM

Publication year:2022
Journal:Br J Dermatol 186(5):763-4

How do dermatologists' personal models inform a patient-centred approach to management: a qualitative study using the example of prescribing a new treatment (Apremilast)

Hewitt RM, Bundy C, Newi AL, Chachos E, Sommer R, Kleyn CE, Augustin M, Griffiths CEM, Blome C

Publication year:2022
Journal:Br J Dermatol 2022 87(1):82-88

Measuring Quality of Life in Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Development and Validation of a Disease-specific Patient-reported Outcome Measure for Practice and Research

Otten M, Augustin M, Blome C, Topp J, Niklaus M, Hilbring C, Bechara FG, Pinter A, Zouboulis CC, Anzengruber F, Kirsten N 

Publication year:2022
Journal:Acta Derm Venereol 2022 Sep 21 [Online ahead of print]

Development and validation of a disease-specific quality of life questionnaire for patients with peripheral artery disease (QOLPAD)

Arman EB, Augustin M, Mohr N, Debus SE, Breuer P, Blome C 

Publication year:2022
Journal:J Patient Rep Outcomes 6(1):54

Psychosocial issues and sleep quality among seafarers: a mixed methods study

Baygi F, Shidfar F, Sheidaei A, Farshad A, Mansourian M, Blome C

Publication year:2022
Journal:BMC Public Health 22(1):695

Psychometric properties of the short version of the Freiburg Life Quality Assessment for chronic venous disease

Klein TM, Bal B, Newi AL, Bruning G, Sommer R, Augustin M, Blome C

Publication year:2022
Journal:J Vasc Surg Venous Lymphat Disord 10(1):139-145.e1