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Quality of life measurement in chronic wounds and inflammatory skin diseases: definitions, standards and instruments

Augustin M, Langenbruch AK, Herberger K, Baade K, Goepel L, Blome C

Publication year:2014
Journal:Wound Medicine 5:29-8, 2014

Pruritus assessment in clinical trials: consensus recommendations from the International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI) Special Interest Group Scoring Itch in Clinical Trials

Ständer S, Augustin M, Reich A, Blome C, Ebata T, Phan NQ, Szepietowski JC

Publication year:2013
Journal:Acta Derm Venereol 93(5):509-14

Mapping DLQI on EQ-5D in psoriasis: transformation of skin-specific health-related quality of life into utilities

Blome C, Beikert FC, Rustenbach SJ, Augustin M

Publication year:2013
Journal:Arch Dermatol Res 305(3):197-204

Lymphedema - the long way to diagnosis and therapy

Blome C, Sandner A, Herberger K, Augustin M

Publication year:2013
Journal:Vasa 42(5):363-9

Evaluation of the antipruritic effects of topical pimecrolimus in non-atopic prurigo nodularis: results of a randomized, hydrocortisone-controlled, double-blind phase II trial

Siepmann D, Lotts T, Blome C, Braeutigam M, Phan NQ, Butterfass-Bahloul T, Augustin M, Luger TA, Ständer S

Publication year:2013
Journal:Dermatol 227(4):353-60

Development and use of guideline-derived quality indicators for community lymphoedema

Herberger K, Heyer AK, Blome C, Sandner A, Altheide F, Lader-Holtorf M, Augustin M

Publication year:2013
Journal:J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 27(2):227-34

Quality of care of patients with chronic lymphoedema in Germany

Herberger K, Blome C, Sandner A, Altheide F, Heyer K, Münter KC, Gottlieb WR, Augustin M

Publication year:2013
Journal:Dermatology 226(3):238-46

Verbalizing extremes of the visual analogue scale for pruritus: a consensus statement

Furue M, Ebata T, Ikoma A, Takeuchi S, Kataoka Y, Takamori K, Satoh T, Saeki H, Augustin M, Reich A, Szepietowski J, Fleischer A, Blome C, Phan NQ, Weisshaar E, Yosipovitch G, Ständer S

Publication year:2013
Journal:Acta Derm Venereol 93(2):214-5

Patient Benefit Index (PBI) in the treatment of psoriasis – results of the national care study "PsoHealth"

Radtke MA, Schäfer I, Blome C, Augustin M

Publication year:2013
Journal:Eur J Dermatol 23(2):212-7

Erfassung von Pruritus – aktuelle Standards und Implikationen für die Praxis

Ständer S, Blome C, Breil B, Bruland P, Darsow U, Dugas M, Evers A, Fritz F, Metz M, Phan NQ, Raap U, Reich A, Schneider G, Steinke S, Szepietowski J, Weisshaar E, Augustin M 

Publication year:2012
Journal:Der Hautarzt 63(7):521-31