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How to measure fluctuating impairments in people with MS: Development of an ambulatory assessment version of the EQ-5D-5L in an exploratory study

Blome C, Carlton J, Heesen C, Janssen MF, Lloyd A, Otten M, Brazier J

Publication year:2021
Journal:Qual Life Res 30(7):2081-96

Association of wound genesis on varying aspects of quality of life in patients with different types of chronic wounds: results of a cross-sectional multicentre study

Reinboldt-Jockenhöfer F, Babadagi Z, Hoppe HD, Risse A, Rammos C, Cyrek A, Blome C, Benson S, Dissemond J 

Publication year:2021
Journal:Int Wound J 18(4):432-9

Assessing the quality of life of people with chronic wounds by using the cross-culturally valid and revised Wound-QoL questionnaire

von Stülpnagel C, da Silva N, Augustin M, van Montfrans C, Fife C, Fagerdahl AM, Gamus A, Conde Montero E, Klein TM, Blome C, Sommer R

Publication year:2021
Journal:Wound Rep Regen 29(3):452-45

Quality of Life (2021)

Blome C, Augustin M 

In: Dissemond J, Kröger K & Initiative Chronische Wunden (ICW) e.V. (ed.): Chronic Wounds: Diagnostics - Therapy - Health Care.

Publication year:2021
Journal:München: Urban & Fischer

Social participation of people with chronic wounds: A systematic review

Klein TM, Andrees V, Kirsten N, Protz K, Augustin M, Blome C

Publication year:2021
Journal:A systematic review. Int Wound J 18(3):287-311

Classifying the severity of bullous pemphigoid disease (2021)

Blome C, Klein T

Publication year:2021
Journal:Br J Dermatol 184,990-1003

Increasing competence in compression therapy for venous leg ulcers through training and exercise measured by a newly developed score-Results of a randomised controlled intervention study

Protz K, Dissemond J, Karbe D, Augustin M, Klein TM

Publication year:2021
Journal:Wound Repair Regen Mar 29(2):261-9

Documentation of psoriasis in routine care - expert consensus on a German data set

Otten M, Mrowietz U, von Kiedrowski RM, Otto R, Altenburg A, et al.

Publication year:2021
Journal:J Dtsch Dermatol Ges 19(10):1463-75

Clinical evaluation of UrgoStart Plus dressings in real-life conditions: Results of a prospective, multicentre study on 961 patients Copy

Augustin M, Keuthage W, Lobmann R, Lützkendorf S, Groth H, Möller U, Thomassin L, Bohbot S, Dissemond J, Blome C

Publication year:2021

Patient needs and benefits of sublingual immunotherapy for grass pollen-induced allergic rhinitis: an observational study

Klein TM, Hadler M, Augustin M, Blome C

Publication year:2021
Journal:Immunotherapy 13(14):1193-204