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Measuring Patient Needs and Benefits in Dermatology using the 'Patient Benefit Index 2.0' – A Validation Study

Topp J, Augustin M, von Usslar K, Gosau R, Reich K, Reusch M, Blome C

Publication year:2019
Journal:Acta Derm Venereol 99(2):211-7

Benefit evaluation in multiple sclerosis relapse treatment from the patients' perspective - development and validation of a new questionnaire

Beckmann H, Augustin M, Heesen C, Poettgen J, Blome C

Publication year:2019
Journal:Mult Scler Relat Disord 28:256-61

How should electronic health records be designed? A cross-sectional study in patients with psoriasis

Klein TM, Augustin M, Otten M

Publication year:2019
Journal:BMC Med Inform Decis Mak 19(1):218

Towards patients' understanding of health-related quality of life-a mixed-method study in psoriasis and multiple sclerosis

Andrees V, Westenhöfer J, Blome C, Heesen C, Augustin M, Topp J

Publication year:2019
Journal:Qual Life Res Oct;28(10):2717-29

Validation of a Comprehensive Set of Pruritus Assessment Instruments: the Chronic Pruritus Tools Questionnaire PRURITOOLS

Verweyen E, Ständer S, Kreitz K, Höben I, Osada N, Gernart M, Riepe C, Pereira M, Blome C, Augustin M, Zeidler C

Publication year:2019
Journal:Acta Derm Venereol 99(7):657-63

Differences between Patient- and Proxy-reported HRQoL Using the Wound-QoL

Sommer R, Hampel-Kalthoff C, Kalthoff B, Neht C, Scherfer E, Winkler M, Blome C

Publication year:2018
Journal:Wound Repair Regen 26(3):293-6

Development and validation of the Patient Benefit Index for peripheral arterial disease

Zander N, Demirel EB, Augustin M, Sommer R, Debus ES, Breuer P, Blome C

Publication year:2018
Journal:VASA 47(3):219-26

Validation of a short form FLQA-LS quality of life instrument for lymphedema

Augustin M, Conde Montero E, Hagenström K, Herberger K, Blome C

Publication year:2018
Journal:Br J Dermatol 31(4):257-63

Measuring the importance of health domains in psoriasis discrete choice experiment versus rating scales

Gutknecht M, Schaarschmidt ML, Danner M, Blome C, Augustin M

Publication year:2018
Journal:Patient Prefer Adherence 15;12:363-73

The outweigh of toxicity versus risk of recurrence for adjuvant interferon therapy: a survey in German melanoma patients and their treating physicians

Kähler KC, Blome C, Forschner A, Gutzmer R, Hauschild A, Heinzerling L, Livingstone E, Loquai C, Müller-Brenne T, Schadendorf D, Utikal J, Wagner T, Augustin M

Publication year:2018
Journal:Oncotarget 25;9(40):26217-25